Please allow up to 10 days for your repair to be completed. We will keep you informed of progress, please do not call for updates during this time as this will delay the repair procedure.

All PowerTap returned for service will be returned to sender within 28 days of the quote being sent, if payment is not received. Wheels not collected / returned will be disposed of after 3 months. Thank you.

POWERTAP SERVICE CENTRE CUSTOMER SERVICE - Tel: 01454 332111 Hours 10am - 4pm. Before calling this number please ensure you have checked the SUPPORT PAGE

Powertap Spares Pricing
700.PTSP20338CycleOps Powertap Enve Carbon 45mm Tubular 20 Hole CRP
700.PTSP20337CycleOps Powertap Enve Carbon 45mm Tubular 24 Hole CRP
700.PTSP20183CycleOps Powertap Enve Carbon 65mm Clincher 20 Hole CRP
700.PTSP20184CycleOps PowerTap Enve Carbon 65mm Clincher 24 Hole CRP
700.PTSP20185CycleOps Powertap Enve Carbon 65mm Tubular 20 Hole CRP
700.PTSP20186CycleOps Powertap Enve Carbon 65mm Tubular 24 Hole CRP
705.PTSP6001INA Bearings 6001-2RS2-NKE
S1International Shipping
700.PTSP23038P/Tap Svc 142X12 MTB Update Kit
700.PTSP20469P/Tap Svc 2012 Front Hub Pull Off End-Caps
700.PTSP22152P/Tap Svc Axle End Cap, Outer, Orange, Ceramic
700.PTSP19785P/Tap Svc Black Radial Quad-Ring On G3 Torque Tube
700.PTSP21029P/Tap Svc Black Spoke 270mm (Race R)
700.PTSP21030P/Tap Svc Black Spoke 272mm (Race R)
700.PTSP18215P/Tap Svc G2 15mm Axle w/ Magnet
700.PTSP19788P/Tap Svc G3 Axle with Magnet
700.PTSP20034P/Tap Svc G3 Campy Repair (no powercap)
700.PTSP21086P/Tap Svc G3 Upgrade Ki, Campy (ttube w/adatper&PowerCap)
700.PTSP20036P/Tap Svc G3C Campy Repair (no powercap)
700.PTSP20037P/Tap Svc G3C Shimano Repair (no powercap)
700.PTSP30358P/Tap Svc G3C Shimano Repair (no powercap) (New)
700.PTSP21088P/Tap Svc G3C Upgrade Ki, Campy (ttube w/adatper&PowerCap)
700.PTSP30360P/Tap Svc G3C Upgrade Kit Shimano (New)
700.PTSP21089P/Tap Svc G3C Upgrade Kit Shimano (ttube w/adatper&PowerCap)
700.PTSP19611P/Tap Svc Joule 1.0 (CycleOps)
700.PTSP30210P/Tap Svc Joule GPS w/packaging (Svc Upgrade)
700.PTSP30220P/Tap Svc Joule GPS+ w/packaging (Svc Upgrade)
700.PTSPLAB01P/Tap Svc Labour Standard Charge (1 Unit = 1/4 Hour)
700.PTSP30302P/Tap Svc Part 15mm Alloy free hub body kit, Campy
700.PTSP19361P/Tap Svc Part ASY Comp 15mm Shimano Repair
700.PTSP19358P/Tap Svc Part ASY Elite+ 15mm Campy Repair
700.PTSP18849P/Tap Svc Part Asy IC09 Power Cartridge
700.PTSP15849P/Tap Svc Part ASY,Battery Holder,SL Hub
700.PTSP16068P/Tap Svc Part ASY,Cradle Bracket W/Cable,Hom
700.PTSP13998P/Tap Svc Part Battery,Cpu,CR2032,Lithium,3V
700.PTSP15854P/Tap Svc Part Battery,Epx76,SL Hub
700.PTSP18221P/Tap Svc Part Bearing,6802-2RU,24X15X5mm
700.PTSP15833P/Tap Svc Part Bearing,6901-2RU,12X24X6
700.PTSP18219P/Tap Svc Part Bearing,6902-2RU,28X15X7mm
700.PTSP18371P/Tap Svc Part Bearing,Ceramic,6902,28X15X7mm
700.PTSP18328P/Tap Svc Part Cover Battery Hlder Elite+ Hub
700.PTSP16739P/Tap Svc Part Cover Battery Holder 2.4 Hub
700.PTSP18553P/Tap Svc Part Cover Battery Holder 2.4+ Hub
700.PTSP18341P/Tap Svc Part Cover Battery Holder Pro+ Hub
700.PTSP17260P/Tap Svc Part Cover Battery Holder SL Hub
700.PTSP18223P/Tap Svc Part Cover Battery Holder SL+ Hub
700.PTSP18331P/Tap Svc Part Cover Battery Holder SLC+ Hub
700.PTSP17497P/Tap Svc Part Cover Battery Pro Hub
700.PTSP13999P/Tap Svc Part Cover,Battery,with O ring,Plastic
700.PTSP16740P/Tap Svc Part Cpu,Powertap 2.4
700.PTSP18401P/Tap Svc Part Cpu,Powertap Elite+
700.PTSP17294P/Tap Svc Part Cpu,Powertap Wired 2.4 Pro
700.PTSP18440P/Tap Svc Part Eassm,PT Updater,Complete
700.PTSP21091P/Tap Svc Part G3 MTB Non Drive Side End Cap
700.PTSP22577P/Tap Svc Part G3 PowerCap Wrench (All G3 Hubs)
700.PTSP19845P/Tap Svc Part G3/G3C Cap Wrench
700.PTSP20133P/Tap Svc Part G3/G3C Press On Axle
700.PTSP19945P/Tap Svc Part G3/G3C Replacement Powercap
700.PTSP19863P/Tap Svc Part G3C Threaded Triangle Powercap Nut
700.PTSP13972P/Tap Svc Part Ip,Mounting Hardware,Power Tap
700.PTSP7031P/Tap Svc Part Kit,Campy,12mm Freehub,Alloy
700.PTSP7036P/Tap Svc Part Kit,Campy,15mm Freehub,Alloy
700.PTSP7030P/Tap Svc Part Kit,Shimano,12mm Freehub,Alloy
700.PTSP7035P/Tap Svc Part Kit,Shimano,15mm Freehub,Alloy
700.PTSP21242P/Tap Svc Part Nut, Enclosure
700.PTSP30356P/Tap Svc Part Repair Asy G3 Shimano (New)
700.PTSP21087P/Tap Svc Part Repair Pro G3 Upgrade Shimano
700.PTSP30354P/Tap Svc Part Repair Pro G3 Upgrade Shimano
700.PTSP16457P/Tap Svc Part Sleeve Oval, Liner
700.PTSP16875P/Tap Svc Part Wrench,PT SL 2.4,Nylon,Blk
700.PTSP6092RSP/Tap Svc Part ZEN Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing
700.PTSP19149P/Tap Svc Part, MTB End Caps
700.PTSP18473P/Tap Svc Part, MTB End Caps (black version 2012model)
700.PTSP21887P/Tap Svc PRO MTB Upgrade Kit, Steel Shimano
700.PTSP19784P/Tap Svc Red O-Ring For PowerCap
700.PTSP16849P/Tap Svc Red Seal For Free Hub Body
700.PTSP20032P/Tap Svc Replacement PowerCap Kit G3C
700.PTSP6805P/Tap Svc Sealed single row deep groove ball bearing
700.PTSP18375P/Tap Svc Smaller Sealed Bearing (Ceramic)
700.PTSP21808P/Tap Svc Threaded Triangle PowerCap Nut for G3C
700.PTSP21528P/Tap Svc Wrench G3 MTB Disc
700.PTSP21810P/Tap Svc Wrench G3/G3C Road
700.PTSP30064Powertap Alloy Front Wheel Only (Svc Upgrade)
700.PTSP30068Powertap G3 Alloy Campy Rear Wheel Only (Svc Upgrade)
700.PTSP30069Powertap G3 Alloy Shimano Rear Wheel Only (Svc Upgrade)
700.PTSP30512PowerTap G3/GS Dual Band BLE/ANT+ PowerCap
700.PTSPECIALPowertap Special